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Reclaimed flooring London floorboards have become a rage in the UK in recent times and for several good reasons. In addition to increasing the aesthetic appeal of your property, it also helps you to reduce the environmental impact while offering impressive durability without spending a fortune, so to speak. The most significant advantages of having reclaimed flooring London are illustrated below in brief.

Reclaimed Flooring London


Perhaps, the most significant advantage of reclaimed fitting wood floors London is that they do not cause any considerable damage to the environment. Reclaimed Flooring London help to offset the market requirement for virgin woods to a great extent, which, in turn, facilitates a culture of natural resources preservation instead of depleting them. Furthermore, if the woods were to be utilised, cutting, transporting and processing it would have an enormous adverse effect on this planet.

However, this is avoided every time a local service provider with an established track record in French polishing Essex and French polishing London (and elsewhere on earth for that matter) installs reclaimed flooring London. For the uninitiated, the quality of reclaimed Flooring is at par with that of new woods if not more. Moreover, reclaimed wood flooring London can also be regarded as a legitimate way of leveraging near-extinct and rare kind of woods as the same has already been processed and used for manufacturing the floorboards.


A vast majority of the consumers are blissfully unaware of the fact that reclaimed wood flooring London from antiquated properties were usually sourced from the bigger trees. It essentially means that they underwent several cycles of contractions as well as expansions over a long time and were increasingly exposed to the various elements of nature, which is, of course, a tell-tale indication of their astonishing robustness.

Reclaim wood flooring is well-known to resist warping better in comparison with the virgin woods due to the increased stability of their grain. You will never have to be bothered about the seasonal deformation of its shape. Reclaimed flooring London is generally less susceptible to natural wear and tear as well. There is not an iota of doubt that it is truly an investment worth going for. You may order reclaimed flooring from a trusted neighborhood business, such as the Barfords Contractors Ltd, which has an impeccable history of fitting wood flooring London.


When it comes to transforming your home or business space, the sheer potential of the reclaimed parquet flooring Essex cannot be stressed enough. Furthermore, you are going to have an edge over the other sellers in the event you plan to sell your property. The classic timeless appeal of Reclaimed flooring London is truly something that cannot be easily ignored by even the most selective of buyers.


Reclaimed flooring London and other locations around the world have become incredibly popular in the recent past because of their captivating appearance, great strength, and eco-friendly nature. If you are planning to have one anytime soon, you can consider asking your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues for suitable referrals and testimonials. You may also try scheduling an appointment with the Barfords Contractors Ltd at the earliest possible opportunity.

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