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2 Terrific Reasons to Consider French Polishing London And Essex

French Polishing London

French polishing is used to provide oak and mahogany made vintage furniture with a glistening finish. Its primary objective is to accomplish a perfect finish for sustaining the quality and standard of the furniture.

A natural resin known as shellac is used in both French polishing and hardwood flooring restoration London and Essex to protect the wooden surfaces as well as providing them with a durable finish and a high gloss. Being an extremely sensitive substance, wood needs to be safeguarded from daily wear and tear, as well as sunlight and humidity. Shellac improves its original look, accentuates the grain, and offers a richer, more intense shade. The outcome is an almost mirror-like reflective appearance and a surprisingly high sheen that not only masks the blemishes but also responds well when buffed.

Although a highly sophisticated wood finishing technique like French polishing in London and Essex could prove to be labour-intensive, it is immensely popular with the UK homeowners. The furniture finishing technique rose to fame in the late nineteenth century.

When it comes to furniture repair in Essex and London, there’s no doubt that spray finish has originated as an inexpensive albeit sub-par option to French polishing. However, the class of your antique furniture can only be defined by French polishing, which, in turn, relies on advanced wood finishing techniques.

Choices of Colour

French polishing is available in various colours and you have all the liberty to opt for a custom hue with the help of powder spirit stains.

Button polish has a distinctly yellowish tinge and the origin of its name can be traced back to large discs or button that are utilised to manufacture it. While transparent and white are both clear, orange happens to be golden brown in appearance and garnet refers to a characteristically brown finish. Nevertheless, you may ask for the white polish for producing a milky white look on a number of high-gloss jobs.

It may also be worth noting that all polishes come with an expiry date and hence, you should not use it if the shelf life has already come to an end.

You may get in touch with the Finest Restorations for French polishing in London.

Why You Should Consider French Polishing?

The aesthetic appeal of French polishing is truly unparalleled. While the inexpensive alternatives do not yield the same quality, you can expect to completely restore the long-lost charm of your furniture with the help of French polishing.

There is simply no match for French polishing in bringing back the faded colours of antique furniture. To put things into perspective, when French polishing is applied to a worn out and withered oak furniture, it becomes new with a captivating lustre and impressive finish.

The Bottom Line

It is pretty common that your antique furniture will lose its shine and its paint will begin to fade over time. However, French polish can successfully revive its old glory in no time.

If you are looking for affordable French polishing in London, you may consider contacting the Finest Restorations at the earliest opportunity.

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